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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  February 7, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have some of the best videos and stories from the web, "right this minute". a motorcycle stunt goes horribly wrong in midair. >> stopped him like a brick wall. >> hear what he hit and how the rider is doing now. >> new designer duds lead to a stampede at target where some shoppers are told. >> you are out of luck. >> see who scooped up the clothes and why some people are so angry. a goat goes rogue.
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leading police on a chase for four hours. >> i didn't know goats could go so fast. and a guy out catching some waves is joined by -- >> some unexpected guests. >> see what came out of the water that nearly knocked him off his wake board. when you go to the circus you expect to be amused and entertained, not horrified, but that's what happened in a shriners circus in saginaw, michigan. josh headford, 20 years old, setting up for a big jump from one side of the arena to the other. josh is wearing the yellow racing suit. >> oh! >> did he hit the roof? >> oh, he got tangled in the wires and the cords holding up the tent? >> josh was at the peak of his jump and he did, you're right, beth, he got caught in a cable that was hanging too low. stopped him like a brick wall.
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>> oh, my god he's [ bleep ] dead. oh, my [ bleep ] god. >> he fell 25 feet. josh broke his femur, his wrist, his elbow, fractured his shoulder blade. >> ladies and gentlemen we are terribly sorry you had to witness this. >> all his extremities are moving. he's not paralyzed and expected to make a full recovery. despite that huge plummet. >> that's all he broke? look at the fall and hit he took. i expected ribs to be involved. >> the lights immediately go out. listen to the ringmaster as soon as this happens. >> ladies and gentlemen, i need a doctor immediately. this is not part of the performance. >> his body just looks like a rag doll after it hits that cable. >> this is the final act of the final show on the final day. >> geez. think how many times this dude has done the exact same stunt. >> one other guy was injured in this by the cable that went flying. it was another shriner, hit in the face with the cable. he's also going to be okay.
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target has done many collaborations with different designers and the latest one is jason wu. check out some of his pieces. pretty cool, right? >> yeah. cute. >> well, if you think you're going to get your hands on some of this stuff, you are out of luck. >> let me guess, what happened here? >> excuse me. >> as soon as those doors opened at 8:00 in the morning across the country, the mad rush of shoppers flew through the doors and completely cleared the racks. >> oh, my god. look at what's going on. everyone is going crazy. >> theseges blog cald wreak havoc and and as you can see the lines are so long. >> stop pushing. >> security is saying no pushing no running. are people listening? >> of course not. >> excuse me. >> there's none left.
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no one can buy it. >> nothing. unless it's on ebay for at least twice as hch. >> why do you want this stuff? to brag about and tell people this is jason wu piece? at the end of the day you know you got it at target and fighting off a bunch of other people to get something. >> the problem is, the people that come and completely clear the racks. >> right. >> with the only purpose of selling on ebay. that's exactly what this couple at a target store in miami supposedly did. their cart is completely covered with stuff they just took from the rack. >> she looks like she's opening a store. she's got like five shirts an there's more in the basket. what we have to do to stop this, people have to stop buying stuff on ebay too. people won't be so motivated to buy 27 different sizes of the same shirt. as long as we don't create a market for it there's no reason for this to happen. the olympics are coming up this summer and i think this little guy is training for track
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and field. >> oh. >> you mean that goat? >> i mean that goat. look at him go. >> whoa. just tried to throw something at him. >> these cops are chasing after this goat in melbourne, australia. it was first seen outside of the melbourne zoo and passersby called the authorities because this goat was weaving in and out of traffic. police and the news crew chased this goat for four hours. before they were able to catch it and take it to an animal shelter for evaluation. >> i'm always amused by cops trying to track down. >> it's funny. >> so mumbling too. get a net or something. >> set up something that the goats eat, tin cans. the goat will come to you. >> i didn't know goats could go so fast. >> look at him running. look at the speed and how well, he dodges these guys, dodges a net. over a fence. >> i think that's what he should go for, the hurdles. 100 meter hurdles. >> the crazy thing is, authorities have been on heightened alert for the past
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few weeks because they've been getting tons of reports of fast-running goats out in the public. this is the first goat they've caught so now they're wondering if it was this goat the whole time. >> so fast he looks like he's everywhere. nick, here is a quick and not so easy way to do some time traveling to tomorrow. want to see how? >> kick in the face. >> oh, god. >> eight seconds into this mma fight, the guy comes at the other guy in some sort of crouching weird fighting stance and just gets kicked square in the face. the sound is just -- wow. >> sounds like his nose going to the back of his skull. >> the guy hits the deck, but gets up. you can tell he doesn't sort of know where he is. then he starts screaming. then he lets the medic come over and check me out, no, i think i better sit down for this one. i think it start to set in.
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>> a little adrenaline wearing off. that guy actually won the fight because the guy doing the kicking got disqualified for an illegal kick to a grounded opponent. >> he just ate it hard. the sound of that kick to that guy's head, man. >> it sounded like something cracking an egg. >> yeah. smack. good night. a bad word slips from an anchor's mouth on live tv. but it gets even more awkward when the co-anchor chimes in. >> tried to smooth over the situation and made it way worse. >> she made it so much worse. >> yeah. and some may call its daredevil, thrill seeker or plain crazy. >> do people sometimes think you need help, you're in trouble. >> hear from the extreme paraglider and what sparked emergency phone calls from onlookers. honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here?
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at
3:40 pm great videos all day long. i'm going to blow away stereotypes here and tell you that women kick butt, especially in beijing, china, where there's a new popular trend and demand for female bodyguards. >> oh. >> reportedly, 30% of millionaires in china are women and they want women bodyguards to follow them around and keep them safe to be drivers, so this video you see these women training to be bodyguards by local security expert. >> i can see the allure of that, because you may not want to draw the attention th big, bulky male bodyguas would attract. >> i le this idea. i would think millionaire women know what it's like and probably just trying to give other women an opportunity in a world and a career that is traditionally for men. >> look at one of the other things that they have to endure. >> what? >> a real glass bottle, that's real? >> are you kidding me? >> not like the movies.
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>> that was a movie prop. >> there was blood on the one woman's head, second woman that gets hit. >> imagine the job that guy has. >> what do you do for a living? >> smash glass bottles over one of the girl bodyguards. >> they don't even flinch, though. >> they're tough. >> would you take a bottle over the head. >> i would. >> not for a job. loving wolf mother. ♪
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♪ christian found this, i found this, i won the coin it toss. are you okay with that? >> i was going to say sister but i was like -- >> like i do. >> i like that. >> let's go with that. >> that's the perfect example of what went wrong on this show. it was morning show chit chat gone wrong. >> it's a sausage competition that i judge. >> like sausage eating ? >> yeah. >> 7:00 at prairie land park. tickets are only $25 it's for charity and you can get tickets on-line at pick [ bleep ]. >> wait. >> camera one, lights, tv. >> oh. >> listen to what her co-host says. >> well, you're thinking about
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sausage so -- >> what did she say? >> you're thinking about sausage so. >> let's hear that one more time. >> you're thinking about sausage so -- >> holy lord. she didn't help. >> not at all. >> she tried to smooth over the situation and made it way worse. >> she made it so much worse. >> what was the website she was trying to say. >> i think it was pick a tick, like a ticket. >> pick a tick. that's funny. >> what's worse, keep playing the video. it gets worse. >> it gets better. >> it is. kick a [ bleep ]. >> she said it again. dotcom. >> poor girl. her face turned the color of her blazer. >> oh, my goodness. that was ridiculous. forget swimming with dolphins. it's all about wake surfing with
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dolphins now. >> that is awesome. >> and a valentine's day treat ignites a debate about what men want. >> this is my girlfriend, i want a little something else for valentine's day, you know what i'm talking about. @ñh@
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. wake surfing, guys ever hear of that? >> yeah. >> when you surf you catch the wave created by the boat that you're being pulled by like this
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guy mitchell overton, he's wake surfing off the coast of st. pete beach in florida and looks like he's having a pretty good time. ♪ looks so awesome that some unexpected guests decided to join in on the fun. watch. >> oh! >> whoa. >> before you know it what looks like a couple dolphins are right there along with them getting in on the surfing fun. >> oh. >> that is awesome! ♪ >> they're awfully playful. >> they're joining in, joining in on the fun. saying your moves are pretty go, but eck these out. >> how fast they're going. that's really amazing because they're staying right there on the top, like right in the wake. >> that is so cool. you wonder were they just hanging out underneath the water and looked up. look at this guy go. >> yeah. >> these dolphins seem so happy.
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i feel like every time they jump out of the water they're going whoa. >> if you could speak dolphin i would think you would be able to translate. >> that is dolphin. >> impressive that the guy is out there for so long without the handle bars. he's really surfing that thing. >> he is really good. i'm sorry, the dolphin stole the show. it's sad because this guy is doing an awesome job. he's in the even in the shot anymore. the doll fin. >> what were we doing here? we were following this guy. as the french would say, i like, and nick, you will like. why use a pass when you can p a paraglide. this is jeanne pap tooes and he paraglides over coasts, buildings, lighthouses in beautiful cities around the globe. just look at the -- all the wonderful places he went. that's kind of a wind yey day there. lots of places that you see from the ground, but how many places
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do you see from the air and get the bird's eyeview. >> this is so much fun. well, to tell us how he does it, why he does it, we have jean baptiste chandelier via france. >> what made you start doing this? >> from childhood, that's why i make [ inaudible ]. >> because you're flying so close to the ground and people, do people sometimes think you need help and you're in trouble? >> one time. one time because my favorite spot is to make what i call acrobatic slide and if i start to sink, i make a fly and [ inaudible ] rescue to help me. >> in this video of all the places you visited what was your favorite? what was the most beautiful from your vantage point?
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>> my home, i realize my home and [ inaudible ] it's very interesting because there is many, many people everywhere and you can fly over them and watch all the people and see them and they see you. it's very, very amazing place for ha. that. ♪ we work everywhere. fly around the world everywhere. just need nice winds for my paragliding. ladies, this is one of the most moving videos that i've seen in a long time. i'm getting choked up just starting this one. it's called sarah and lola, a special moment. sarah is the mother in this video, lola is the little girl. and this was a video that the
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family shot just as a special moment for them. >> what's interesting is how she engaged her daughter to do that for her. >> i think it's a beautiful way to help the daughter understand and realize what was about to happen and to make her a part of it, rather than just watching it happen. it's just incredibly moving and this is a must-see video, something you should watch from start to finish. we will put the entire video on our website you guys have seen those mobility scooters, the jazzies, the hov around. >> but this takes mobility to a new level. >> she's drifting. >> see the stunts
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beth, this next video proves my theory that time lapse can make anything look cool. we've seen it time and time again. >> this time lapse that, make that look cool. >> this is time lapse of a guy making this huge salad for his tortoise. >> that's a good-looking salad. >> strawberries in there, blueberries in there, bunch of lettuce, there's som tortoise goes to town. it surprised me he was able to just eat the grapes off the stem. >> tortoises are smart. they've been around many millions of years and figured out how to eat a grape. >> he's not quite in the clean plate club. he's left a few stragglers
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behind here. >> doesn't make it into the clean face club either. strawberry remnants on his chin. wonder how the hair would have done with the salad. >> wonder if the hair would have gone so fast that the salad we couldn't have seen it in time lapse. >> i don't want a hair anywhere near my salad. >> got weird. in a world of deadly riots, vetoes and super bowl wins and losses i found it necessary to show you this video. >> it's very sweet and girlie and best of all, it's really easy to create. >> how to have a sweetheart plaid nail manicure. >> you were looking for a tutorial about this. >> i've been searching the internet for this exact video my entire life. how could i have pink plaid nails? that's a question i've always wondered. >> asked me that like last week. >> new valentine's was coming up and you were thinking how can i make it special? >> yeah. that -- >> this is special, you're right. >> this is a youtube channel
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we've shown you before called cute polish. >> don't have the steady hand for this. >> i don't either. mine would look like zigzag. >> mine would look like the "right this minute" logo. dudes still want flowers -- >> what if she used those to rub your back or your hair. >> scratch. >> did a heart because this is her valentine's design. >> yeah. >> little heart, little glitter and ta da. >> she wants to be pretty for valentine's with a cute manicure. >> if this is my girlfriend i want a little something else for valentine's day, you know what i'm talking about. a little visit to victoria's secret. >> i was like visit to what? >> know what i'm saying. >> i don't think she is necessarily doing this for her man. doing this for herself and then top off something with her man. >> the topping off. that's what i'm going for.
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>> you guys have seen the mobility scooters, the hov around, the ras call. mobility to people that can't quite get around as easy. this guy jazzed his jazzy up with a gas powered engine. >> what? a 70 mile per hour mobility scooter. >> oh, my gosh. >> he's drifting. >> this is colin. he's got this puppy up to around 50 miles per hour in the snow and this thing is hauling. i love he left a little basket on the front too. >> this is definitely something that tim the toolman would have come up with on "home improvement." ♪ >> he said he can get the thing up to about 70 miles an hour, but here on snow he only got it up to about 51 miles per hour and it was easier to control on the snow because the steering wasn't so responsive and twitching. >> does colin need this jazzy or just something he decided to
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make as an outdoor fun thing? >> he needs this for fun. and for making circles clearly. >> he's not going to the grocery store on this thing though. >> he's got a couple biscuits in the front and tissues. >> did a little shopping, stopped at the grocery store. >> colin is mobile. next time you see somebody on one of these things you're going to think of this dude. >> yeah. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." we're going to leave you with one more look at the surfing dolphins. enjoy it. we'll see you next time, everybody. ♪ cçrrú
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